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Career Details

Click on the PDF link to see my entire Curriculum Vitae!

Junior Research Scientist

October 2019-Present

I help invent, and perform various types of PCR's for diagnostic purposes. Currently I have been involved in FYR Diagnostics efforts to provide Clinical COVID19 testing as a reference lab for the state of Montana

Field Excavator

Summer 2016-January 2018

I attended four bioarchaeological field excavations in which I learned how to excavate archaeological sites using the skills of identification, mapping, recording, and excavating.  My work ethic, knowledge of osteology, and archaeology allowed for me to be able to continue returning and helping excavate and perform research.

Student Researcher

Summer 2017 - Present

I have utilized aDNA methods of extraction, library preparation, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis.

Forensic Anthropology

Spring 2017 - Present

Since undergraduate, I have been taking opportunities to assist in forensic anthropology in both Wisconsin and Montana. This has been in the forms of osteological analysis and field recoveries.

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