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October 1st


My October update is really not so much different from my September blog post. Some things are different but mostly I'm just busy reading and writing. My NSF grant application is due this month (to see what grant I'm talking about, see my previous post) and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I have a great research vision and I hope the reviewers will recognize that. Other than that, classes are going well and I joined the student anthropology club here as well as got voted in to the secretary position.

I wanted to also take some time and space to hopefully help out some of the undergrads. If you have been thinking about grad school then you are aware that it is grad school application season! As I experienced firsthand, the graduate school application season is long, difficult, and it sometimes makes you feel like you are not intelligent enough or don't have all of the awards/achievements to even apply, but take this from me: if you are even thinking about graduate school and you know it is what you want to pursue, then you have what it takes! For my friends that are applying, I would be willing to help out with general advice on applications and/or letters of inquires. Feel free to shoot me a chat or message on my website, or email me at I may not respond immediately, but I will make an effort to help any way I can. With that said, here is a podcast episode of a channel I follow that is perfect for grad school application season! I think giving this a listen will help with your applications and process. Also, this podcast has a theme of sampling a beer in the beginning and discussing the beer, so this podcast has about 15 minutes of beer talk first and then it gets into the grad school stuff. Also, they are molecular biologists, so don't worry if you don't understand or relate to some of the things they talk about, just focus on the general grad school tips and advice.

I hope you enjoyed the post, good luck to the undergrads working on graduating and their next step, and thanks for taking time to read my post!

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